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Great friends. A fabulous boyfriend. And fantastic hair. What more could a girl ask for? It's good to be Xtina.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I got the Quality Control; Child Administration position here at my work place - Christian Children's Fund. I know its not the marketing job i had in mind, however, it is still an awesome job!

This means i no longer have to do "bottom of the barrel" data entry, and i actually have more responsibilities! Plus a nice pay raise!! :) My position will be reporting to the same supervisor i currently have now, but i will be monitoring and evaluating all child administrators and the countries we serve in terms of the correspondance we receive from them. Which is quite a lot actually. Plus i will respond directly to all sponsors regarding questions and requests made about their sponsored children. Also i will be giving positive and negative feedback to all parties involved. Plus any extra projects I decide to take on.

This makes me very happy! I got this job on Friday, but was too excited to post anything on here!

On a second note, it was Jamie's b-day this weekend, so i'd just like to holla at my boy (friend) and wish him a very very very happy 24th birthday and may he have many more just like it! (except for the part about the fire in the club and him not getting his jacket!) but thats a whole other can of worms!

tata for now!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Not So Life Changing

Well, sadly, i didn't get that marketing job. BUT, it was only because the lady who got it had quite a bit more direct experience with the position. She was the finance assistant for a long time. There is another position coming up in my department that has my name written all over it, and it would actually be the same pay as this marketing assistant position was.

And who wants to be someone's assisitant anyways!? i'm definitely meant to be the brains of the operations, not the bitch (excuse my french!) . plus, i'm only 23 for goodness sakes and i haven't even been working here for a year! Although i would still like to get into marketing, i guess its just going to have to be through another path!

Thanks for listening, bloggers out there!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Excited, Nervous and Ready!

This is great! the new beta blogger. i still need to look around and see what i can do. i would really like to do something cool with my template, but honestly, i really don't have the patience for working on my html like that. we'll see....

In the meantime, i have discovered FACEBOOK! If you are reading this, and are not currently on it, get a facebook account. Its pretty cool. i find it to be a better networking tool than myspace, and i have been messaging old highschool friends that i had almost forgotten about!

Now, as for my excitment, nervousness and readiness, i just had an interview with our marketing department for a new position. I don't wanna get into the details too much, but it would be a promotion, and i think i really have a good chance at getting it! I really want it too...Crossing my fingers....!!

I'm also currently pondering my New Years plans. Anyone have any ideas thus far? We might have a shindig at our place, but we'll see.

Thats it for now!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

One Posting a Month?

That sucks!

I'm gonna try harder this time. I'm not sure why i post so little. Well, actually i do, cuz i have a life. Seriously....well....:) I'd like to think so. At work, i'm usually actually working. Now that our office has moved into the depths of Markham and has finally turned into the typical "office space", my computer is no longer situated so that i can do whatever the hell i want on the net with no one being the wiser. Nope, they figured that one out quick, and now everyone's monitors are viewable to any passers by. Soooo, thats why posts from work will be few and far between. Then, usually when i come home, i try to give Jamie a little more computer time, cuz, well, he has NO time on the computer at work, obviously. Hes cooking. And doesn't have a computer. So at least i have some time to surf the net at work. Also, lets face it, when i come home from work, do i really wanna plunk myself down in front of the computer AGAIN? not really. Plus, theres cooking and cleaning to always be done, and the TV calls. Sooooo, with all this being said, I will try to make an effort to post more often, so i'm not writing a ton and its just more or less an update.

So here's the update:
Jamie and i went to the first Raptors home game of the season, and it was AWESOME!! Chris Bosh is the man. With a side of onions. Jamie and i both got Bosh jerseys, and i'm wearing mine now. What a geek.

Also, the weekend before, we went to Anna and Ian's place for Ians joint B-day/Halloween party, and here are some fab pics:

For more pics, go to Annie's blog. That last pic is of Ian and his buddy Butler in their prize winning robot costumes!

Lastly, stay tuned for info about our b-day parties. Jamie's is on the 3rd of December and mine is of course on the 24th, so expect an evite to some event!

Hopefully i post again soon! Tata for now!

love xtina

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to our 2nd really large house party last weekend! It was awesome. I keep forgetting to take pictures (although anna took a couple!) but next time i promise i will!!

For those poor souls who couldn't make it and are reading this, you missed a night of lots of drinking, blabbing, gaming, gambling and just having a darned good time! There were honestly sooo many people there (some that i didn't even know myself!) and everyone had fun. I didn't even get to talk to as many ppl as i would have liked! The food was great too...i barely even got any! We had to order pizza after everyone left.

Anyways, thats my mid October post for y'all!

Hopefully i'll have some time for another one this month!


Friday, September 15, 2006

September: Profile of a Missing Month

As i look back over the years of my posting, i notice a trend. A trend of not posting anything in the month of September. No where do i have any recollections of a month that has a sense of newness, other than January of course. Even though i am now not in school, there is still a sense of the new and different in my mind. This will be documented here for the first time.

Date: Friday September 15th, dead centre of the month; payday.

Happenings of the day: work work and more work. im up to my eyeballs in work, even my eyebrows. Specifically i have to open 2 packages from Nicaragua and Paraguay (and they are definitely not light), i have to type up minutes for a conference i went to (will explain more later!) and i have to catch up with other work that i missed from being at the conference!

Goals: Start eating healthy again for goodness sake! I feel like a fat kid who just got back from fat camp, eating all the cake in sight! (the conference didnt help matters either). Also, get motivated to do SOMETHING active like GO TO THE GYM THAT I AM PAYING FOR!!! or to start doing some pilates videos. Save money. Save money. And save money.

Mishaps: Steve Irwin died this month! He was one of my favourite nature loving tv personalities. Crikey. Also, as a mishap i guess...the computer had to be given away...back to Jamie's brother...boooo.....and my ipod broke. :(

Goodhaps: Bought a new computer!! woo!!! its very nice. Also, my ipod got fixed! by moi! and thanx to lizzy and thomas! wooo again!

Busy With: work! As i mentioned before, i have been taking on extra work at work by doing the minutes for a large international child fund conference, which i don't want to bore you with, and i have also been helping organize a big board trip to Paraguay, by sending out visa applications of all participants to the Emabassy which is in Ottawa....whew! this has all kept me quite busy. I have also applied for a higher position....i'm crossing my fingers!

Vacationing: none really, although Jamie and i went to my dad's place on the long weekend, which was a really nice getaway. we really needed some out-of-the-city down time. Although it was crappy weather it was still super nice! we are also going up this saturday night for a euchre tournament (which Jamie is learning how to play!)

Miscellaneous: umm...i can't think of anything miscellaneous that's happened so far this month. oh oh...i really like T.I. I think hes awesome and very cute. i'm not even sure how old he is. He was pretty decent in his film The ATL. and i have to pee. thats all.

I think that suffices for my first ever September posting!!

Tata for now!


Monday, August 14, 2006

Taste of the Danforth

AKA....TASTE OF GREECE (again! *sigh*)

Well, as you all know, the 13th Annual Taste of the Danforth was hosted this past weekend, and for those of you who couldn't make it out....SUCKERS!!

I happen to have gone twice!

There was tons of food...some of my favourites were the Calimari from "Taste of the Silk Road" a middle eastern place, Roasted lamb on a pita from some random restaurant and the frappes (the greek iced coffee beverage of choice...Starbucks what?!), loukemades and kataifis (greek sweets) from Cafe Frappe.

We made it there on sat. for 4:30 with Anna and Ian and Sarah, walked around, bought some stuff (a wooden elephant!) and then met Sarah and Brandon back at the Fox on Danforth for some Beer. When we got out, the entire street was at a standstill because it was so packed and there were cops trying to direct the flow of traffic (of people i mean!). Onwards home we went after sampling that tasty calimari.

Next day, jamie and i just couldnt get enough so we found ourselves at the All you can Eat Sushi place on the danforth. Silly huh? but it was really yummy. we then proceeded to get some frappes, duck into a little bookstore to find a few funny/cheap books and got my most desired "Vanilla"...a greek treat that is very sugary, which you scoop out with a spoon, stick in a glass of cold water and suck on kind of like a soft lollypop. It is my after work snack of choice. we also practially STOLE groceries from a veggi/fruit market they were so cheap!

So that was my very tasty weekend. Also, It was mine and Jamies 1 year anniversary last week, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY! (Taste of the Danforth was one of the first events we went to as a couple last year!) :)